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Cold War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Cold fight - Essay ExampleSoviet Union tried to empower communism all over the world while coupled States and its alliance supported many countries of the world to weaken the communism.After the end of World War II, the Soviet unions decided to spread communism all over the world. The United States determined to stop the spread of Soviet power and communism. For this purpose it provided much financial support to its alliance. The alliances were democracies that were non in favor of communistics too. Though they were not able to stop the spread of communism in Eastern Europe, the U.S and Britain were determined to preserve Western Europe from the reach of communists. In the World War II Soviet Union has gained much popularity in the West Europe due to the resistance against the Nazi forces. So there was a chance of election of communist parties in France and Italy. Harry Trumann was the first US president started to fight the cold War.Britain was the first country that investigat ed for the nuclear weapons development. In 1945, Britain was an activist world power. It possessed the mho largest national navy, and its Empire-Commonwealth was genuinely global. The Dominions stretched from Canada to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa it had colonial possessions from the north to the south of the African continent, to the east of Suez, in south and south-east Asia, as well as many scattered, and often strategic, island outposts. India was proclaimed as the jewel in the crown of the Empire. A major line of work for the historians analyzing the impact of military expenditure on the usual working of the parsimoniousness of a country just after the war is the fact ignored by the liberal economic theory. This theoretical condensedfall reflects the fact that the mobilization for industrial warfare can only be achieved through suspending the normal economic operation. While accepting necessity to plan the wartime parsimony, most British economists considered t hat after the hostilities and War activities, the resources will be allocated to the market as usual. This is what the liberal economists oppose. As a part of conversion, the British policy makers faced crucial situation about scale down the Britains efforts with its diminished economy and military power in the post war world. Alec Ciancross accepts that the Britains Defence efforts may have been extraordinarily large and says that the real problem for Britain was the role it was asked to play was beyond its strength. But the other historians criticize the leadership of Britain who did not face the fact that Britain would not be able to meet the global military commitments. The question arises here is this that did the excessive military costs were responsible for low investment leading to weak economy of Britain Usually it seems to be answered that the short term expenses of the war would not affect the long term economy policies. Defence economists analyze short term and even sma ll changes in the economy and

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Team Leadership and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Team Leadership and Management - Essay Example33). The solutions and strategies proposed by the authors are really matter-of-fact in todays multinational organizations. Different tasks make a degree of different contributions to the teams various functions in production, support, and well-being. Although technological changes are usually aimed at modifying the teams production function, they almost always have profound effects on the team well-being and member support functions as well. The sharing among team members of both access to the hardware portions of the new technology and of the expertise needed to use and understand the new systems may provide brand new range of the dispersal of status and power within a team, dimensions that compare quite poorly with the prior status structure. In terms of underlying social-exchange dynamics, the principal rewards and costs appertain task achievement or success. In modern multi-national companies the affective or emotional factor of t eamwork is important to all relationships. It is less so in task-based, personal relationships than in purely social roles. Team-based approach plays a much important role in the development of team relations than it does in organizations in world(a) (Northhouse, 2003). I agree with the authors that teamwork should be flexible and fit with environmental changes. I would add communication as unmatchable of the most important elements in teamwork. The study reason Critique Team LED 501for past success is open communication policy and the ability to get people to work together as team. A team leader sees themselves having an expressative meeting with employees. They should emphasize open door policy and encourage employees to use it. The task of the team leader is to inform team members that they would like to have some formal meetings for brainstorming and troubleshooting purposes and some informal meetings just as an excuse to get together.Virtually, members of a multi-national w orkforce persuade the same way as traditional teams but pay more attention to interpersonal communication and interaction. In a virtual or practical environment, working relationships vary in their empathy or understanding, effectiveness, and power. The results of ineffective communication range from minor embarrassment to critical problems. Minor embarrassment occurs when we show up at a friends house for a party on the wrong night a critical problem occurs. As a human resource professional, one of leaders responsibilities is to develop and improve the communication process in organization. The authors explain how effective teamwork or group effort can enhance the communication process. The authors do non pay attention to problems and conflicts take place in virtual environment. The communication process is rich with imagery and descriptions. Words and other forms of communication are symbols that receive to mind mental images. In fact, communications is basically the management of symbols or language. It is through use of these mental images that we communicate and convey relationships and promote understanding that generates the requirement action to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. These ideas might be supported by the Bible saying And do not forget to do

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Federal and State Governance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 words

Federal and State Governance - Essay ExampleAn synopsis of the nature of the crimes in both situates provides may provide insights to the differences in policies. The incidence of violent crimes as well as recidivism in California is higher age Texas shows lesser recidivism and significant higher prison population. According to Kaplan and associates (2002), Texas rectitude shows greater inflexibility in the use of incarceration as a penal notice citing that the nature of crime in the state historical justifies the application of such measures.Given that the United States follows a federal system of government, each state is assumption the privilege to formulate and implement its own legal codes which include culpable justice programs. This is meant to allow soul states to develop criminal and penal statutes that correspond to individual or unique crime trends that may greatly differ from state to state (see Appendix A). There atomic number 18 times that policies and perspec tives used differ surrounded by states depending on the perspectives, policies or by the nature of the crime committed (Pillsbury, 1989). This is not to imply that crime is one state is more acceptable in another(prenominal) and only a variance in the manner by which the act is assessed and addressed (Jones and Newburn, 2005).In such a system, federal statu... sure that independent criminal justice programs do not impair constitutional rights, contravene federal legislation or create conditions that will prevent equitable application of the law (Peak, 2006). In effect, though state perspectives and policies on crime and punishment may differ significantly, there are criteria or range of acceptability for the policies that each state is to implement. This also reinforces the order in policies and subsequently order in society as well.It should be noted as well, that though the criminal justice programs in California and Texas may differ significantly, they have a common purpose of p reventing crime and victimization, maintaining order and security and supporting federal objectives and policies. Conflicts or inconsistency with federal policies or that of other states are also not designed to undermine another states authority but rather are individual trends or modes in that state or the federal governments criminal justice program (Hepburn, 1986). Furthermore, the availability of channels to mitigate and resolve conflicts, federal courts including the U.S. Supreme Court, signify that there is states are a part of a system that has established operations and procedures to establishing order and even harmonize policies.Community Policing Community policing initiatives have gained support in an causa to develop greater social participation in securing communities. In general there has been indication that efforts have had a measure of success but Matthews and Pitts (2000) confidential information out that sustaining such this outcome requires the development of long-tern programs. These programs range from the development of operations and procedures, establishment of channels of command and responsibility and public education.In a akin(predicate)

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Business Law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business Law - Assignment ExampleThe spinor cannot just cancel an offer once it is made. When an offer is made, the offeree (the nonpareil the offer is made to) can decide whether to take it or not within a reasonable timeframe. Since an offer puts more or less kinds of obligations on the offeror, there is the need to define what constitutes an offer. In this definition, there are some exceptions to the rule. When a person makes an indication that another person can enrol negotiations for a contract, this is not an offer, it is an invitation to treat. A typical example of an invitation to treat is the case of the display of goods in a shop window. In Pharmaceutical Society of corking Britain V Boots Cash Chemists (1953) it was held that goods displayed in a shop does not constitute an offer but an invitation to treat. Additionally, the declaration of an intent is not an offer. In Harris V Nickerson (1873), an auctioneer advertised the sale of goods in an auction. However, he re fused to hold the auction on the said date. A prospective attendant sued for a breach. It was held that the advert was simply a declaration of intent but not an offer. Application In this, the advertisement by Gift House that they have reduced their A1 television cameras was not an offer. It can be considered an invitation to treat. ... They are mere invitation to treat and declaration of intent respectively. Due to this, Martin does not have the right to purchase the camera at ?50. Davina Issue Davina gets informed that the A1 camera (which sells for ?100) goes for ?50 in the shop. The shop also states that if anyone purchases goods worth ?500 by 1st December, there will be a free television. Davina mails an order for the camera and the goods totaling ?500 and indicates she wants the free television on 30th November. Davina receives the goods but finds out that she was charged ?100 for the camera and she did not get the television which was promised. The issue is whether the post al order created a legal contract that gives her rights to the camera at ?100 as well as the television set. Rule In Carlill V Carbolic commode Ball (1893), the defendants advertised to pay ?100 to anyone who caught flu after using smoke their smokeballs. Mrs Carlill used the smoke balls but caught flu. She argued that she was entitled to the ?100 promised. It was held that the offer was one that a reasonable person could take seriously. Secondly, the postal rule is established in the case of Adams V Lindsell (1818). It states that espousal of an offer takes effect once the acceptance letter is posted. Application In this case, Davina saw a catalogue that advertised two things the sale of a camera at ?50 and an offer of a free TV when a customer shops to the tune of ?500. This is something that the average person could take seriously and follow up. Davina followed up by making an order through post on the 30th of November. This order was a valid claim for the A1 Camera at ?50 and the TV prize since she shopped to the tune of ?500. According to the postal rule, this postage

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How do you feel that Native Americans were portrayed in the works of Essay

How do you feel that Native Americans were portrayed in the working of Ben Franklin and John Smith Do the authors treat them in a - Essay ExampleHowever, at the same time, he started viewing Native Americans favorably on the same lines as the White Americans, degrading or belittling the Black Americans in some of his writings. In his 1751 essay, Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Franklin wished that America could be for whites and Native Indians only, writing, wherefore increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawnys, of increasing the lovely White (). In addition, Franklin understood the shade of Native Americans and also lobbied to protect them, against any retribution by the majority population. He wrote, If an Indian injures me, does it follow that I may revenge that injury on all Indians? ... If it be right to bulge out men for such a reason, then, should any man with a freckled face and red hair kill a wife or child of mine. (). Capt. John Smith, an English soldier, explorer and author, was known for establishing the first English settlement in North America in Jamestown, Virginia.

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Describe and evaluate the accounts of depressive realism that can be Essay

Describe and evaluate the accounts of depressive realism that can be derived from associative and rule-establish theories of breeding and memory - Essay ExampleAssociative theories of learning and memory maintain that a psychological process is involved in conditioning. Very much a behavioral account (similar to classical conditioning) and causal in nature, associative theories submit that people forge concepts based on their experience of the pairing of two stimuli and based on the strength of these associations. The delta rule can be used to explain this account of contingency and causality judgment. The cue precedes the second event, the expiry, in a arranged manner and if the outcome is consistently regular, associations are formed between cue and outcome so that the two become synthesized together. It is necessary, Price and Yates believe (1995), that the cue precedes the outcome for associative learning to be achieved, although others opine that, regardless of whether cue d oes or does not precede outcome, it is sufficient for participants to believe it as causal to the outcome for judgment to ensue. Models such as the expectancy-value model (Fishbein, 1963) and the association model ( arbors, 1986) are examples of associative accounts. The expectancy-value model argues that attitudes are a total sum of evaluative beliefs towards attitude objects, whilst Bowers association model, although taking a cognitive stance, maintains that cognition and affect are linked through evaluative memory-based mental nodes that, via spreading activation, instigate perception. The stronger, or more intense the experience, the more instinctive and pronounced the bias.Rule-based theories on the other hand maintain that people arrive at contingency judgments by a sort of mental schema that encodes the events, categorizes them, and employs some mental logic to arrive at inferences and deductions. This it does by summing the frequency of events, and by employing a heuristic, referred to by Price and Yates (1995) as blocking, where perceivers

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Divorce in the UAE has increased during the last 2 decades Essay

Divorce in the UAE has increased during the last 2 decades - Essay ExampleWhy disjoint in the UAE has increased during the last 2 decades gate Divorce is regarded as one of the serious social problems in any given society. According to government statistics, United Arab Emi regulates (UAE) experienced a divorce rate of 24 percent in the year 2003 (Sherif 2). There atomic number 18 numerous psychological and economic factors that have led to high divorce rates in UAE. Lack of communication in marriage, early marriages, changing marriage expectations, addiction, child-bearing issues, and financial issues, cultural background of the spouses, the differential in education levels, infidelity and arranged marriages are some of the causes of high divorce rates in UAE (Sherif 8). Divorce leads to severe negative consequences to children and involved parents. Some of the negative impacts of divorce include delinquent behaviour of the parents, psychological trauma, aggression, and nightmar es (Hasso, 2011). Thesis statement poor communication in marriages is the leading cause of the high divorce rates in United Arab Emirates. Causes of high divorce rates in UAE Communication problems in marriages are the leading cause of divorce. ... Marital financial issues such as disagreements on the best investment opportunities and versed incompatibility also contribute towards dissatisfaction with the marriage thus forcing the partners to divorce (Hasso, 2011). According to a research study done by Marriage Fund in collaboration with University of Sharjah in 2011, absence of communication within the marriage and lack of proper relations were the leading causes of divorce (Sherif 3). Differences in an opinion between the partners a great deal resulted in constant bickering thus hindering love within the marriage. Accordingly, Islamic traditional marriage practices such as arranged marriages made women intermit certain personality traits of their husbands later after marriage t hus leading to intolerance and ultimately divorce (Sherif 5). The same study indicated that polygamy, physical abuse of wives, inadequate financial support and unshared responsibilities were secondary causes of divorce in UAE (Sherif 7). According to educationists and family affairs experts, the annual rates of divorce were estimated at 30 percent compared with a rate of 21 percent in Dubai in 2011 (Al Sadafy 3). Statistics fro the Dubai courts pointed out that one divorce occurred for every four marriage court cases with more than Dh 800 million organism paid annually as divorce settlements. Accordingly, the Advisor for family affairs noted that 90 percent of the instances of divorce were occasioned by trial reasons with lack of communication among the partners be the leading cause of divorce (Al Sadafy 5). How divorce affects children, parents and society Divorce is associated with negative social and physical effects on children, parents and the society (Hasso, 2011). Divorce de nies the children the opportunity